A project that outlights the concept of how Art
connects people from all around the World.
Creativity makes us human, special and unique.
I captured musicians, dancers, painters.. performing, far away from their native country or just in in the intimacy of their own homes.

Each and every of them will leave a sparkle that will never be forgotten.

Fabio Jonatas, brazilian violinist living in Bremen, Germany

Davide Loricchio, Italian ballet dancer living in Saint Petersburg, Russia

Lucas Figueiredo Santana, brazilian saxophonist living in Amsterdam, Netherlands

Galih Alexander Richardson, Malesian guitarist living in London, England

Szarka Fedor Guido, Hungarian illustrator living in Gyor, Hungary

Quentin Denz, German juggler living in Barcelona, Spain 

Zosia, North American singer living in Paris, France

Lorenzo, Portuguese painter living in Italy and Paris, France

Robert Szegezdi, Hungarian actor living in Budapest, Hungary